Derby Day 2017: The Insta-Fashion Scene

Can you hear the clip-clop of trotting horse feet in the mounting yard and the scent of Yellowglen whirling through the air? You aren’t mistaken, ladies, because Derby Day 2017 is upon us and the bloggers, influencers and fashion crowd are out in force… and we can see it all through the power of Instagram. Ah, the perks of modern technology. We’ll let the posts … Continue reading Derby Day 2017: The Insta-Fashion Scene

From Paris, With Love…

France. Paris, specifically. It’s the city of love, the city of fine wine, baguette breakfasts and endless daylight until the break of 10PM. It isn’t hard to fall in love with the French capital and its artesian streets, intricate buildings and historical underpinnings. Coming from Adelaide, it takes a little to settle into how Parisians do life, a culture more relaxed than Australians that centres … Continue reading From Paris, With Love…

How’s Uni?

So, you’re in year 12 and you’re thinking about going to university. You’re probably being spoken to about university from every institution under the sun about how great they are and why they are the one for you. They’re telling you about stellar graduate attributes, the pathways to get into Medicine, why their campuses are the bees knees and how year 12 isn’t the be all and end all of … Continue reading How’s Uni?

The Dual Dilemma

If I told you Malcolm Turnbull AND Barnaby Joyce were running for Prime Minister together at the next election, completely equal and equally backed by their party, how would you feel? What if I said Andrew Dimitriou wanted to give AFL CEO another go, so he and Gill McLachlan lead the league together in equilibrium? Please, let me guess your initial thoughts: confusion, uncertainty, a … Continue reading The Dual Dilemma

Red Carpet: 2017 Academy Awards

In case you have been living under a rock today, the 89th Annual Academy Awards were held in the United States and the fashion is something that we need to be talking about. From ruffled feathers, flamboyant ball gowns and a whole lot of leg, the red carpet was the most divers many onlookers have seen in years. Despite the minor *cough* major *cough* hiccup at the … Continue reading Red Carpet: 2017 Academy Awards

Beyonce just slayed the GRAMMYs

Beyoncé promised a Grammy performance to never be forgotten and Queen B certainly delivered on her promise. Taking audiences on a cinematographic journey of the pregnancy body in art form,the 10 minute odyssey celebrating motherhood began with a pre-recorded segment introduced by Tina Beyincé-Lawson and featured gold tones featured throughout the performance. Beyoncé was adorned in a crystal embellished floor length gown with matching headdress making for … Continue reading Beyonce just slayed the GRAMMYs