Personally, I believe that skincare is one beauty product that you can lash out on with complete justification. Each person only has one skin so you must look after it, and the richer the product, the richer the skin will be.
Whether a person has oily, dry or ‘normal’ skin, almost all drugstore and upmarket beauty brand will have a skin range for your skin type. The hardest part is finding skincare that doesn’t have an adverse affect on your skin. I’ve fallen victim numerous times to the bottle saying something and my skin reading it as something else, resulting in a break-out of roman proportions. I’ve also found that, sometimes, it’s the brands you would never suspect that actually work wonders.
I have dry/dehydrated skin.
It’s plagued me and been a burden to me in many aspects but, I’ve finally come to love my skin. It has its perks- I rarely break out excessively in pimples- but does have its annoyances like dried out patches during the winter.
This week, I splurged and received some new goodies to nourish my skin. It was by no means cheap but the products will last for quite some time and are all by reputable and reliable brands I have used previously.

Aēsop skincare are an Australian skin company that are taking the world by storm. With two outlets in South Australia, I snapped up Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm for $29.00 and in return received sphotoamples of cleansers and body lotion for my specific skin type. Purchased at the Burnside Village.

As I have suddenly had an epiphany about how I maintain my skin, it dawned on me that I did not have an eye cream in my possession. While this is not a necessity, I feel that it is good to have one in your medicine cabinet. Kiehl’s Since 1851 were able to offer me a 14g Creamy Eye Treatment for $41.00, with hints of Avocado. It applies on skin beautifully and soft, resulting in longer lasting hydration and firmness under the eyes. Purchased at the Burnside Village.

With the Purchase of the January issue of Vogue Australia, each reader received two pieces of joy from Appelles Apothecary & Lab to try. A 40ml bottle of both skin lotion and a hand-and-body wash, both scented with Juniper Berry and Patchouli, each generously hydrating and energetically nurture YOUR skin. ‘Gift with purchase’ with Vogue Australia.


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