Fashion is all around. It is rammed down our throats whether we want to admit it or not. Like that iconic scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep informs Anne Hathaway of how her ‘blue sweater’ is a chain affect of what was decided in the offices of a fashion magazine; you cant help but be affected, no matter how hard you try not to be a consumer. It’s an imminent infection one cant help but be encapsulated in. So, as a person who marvels in clothes and style, there are a few women who are my personal favourite dressers in the public eye. Or, should I say, Muses.

I read Vogue, yes, but am much more influenced by street style. I find my style is heightened while walking down Rundle Street rather than reading a 1,000 word article on cigarette pants. Nevertheless, those articles are still quite splendid to read. But there are a few women who have stood out to me and, in no particular order, these my ‘Muses’ in fashion and style.

Ah yes, the infamous face behind the ‘London Look’ meme adorned over social media, the darling blonde-bombshell daughter of The Stone and the supermodel. With Sir Mick’s lips and Jerry Hall’s blonde locks, Jagger is boss. Georgia-May’s effortless chic style evident on her Instagram page to her 500k+ followers captures me each time there is a new post. When she walks the runways at various different RTW and seasonal shows, her figure carries the ensemble with grace and presence, showing her beaming beauty. Jumping Jack Flash, she has serious style! (And oh please, pardon the pun)



This 5ft 10” Chinese model encapsulates oriental style and poise on both a street style and haute couture spectrum. First, her Zack Posen Met Gala gown had such volume that it stole the show, for me anyway, and displayed her place in the glamour stakes. Wen’s professional modelling portfolio would be filled to the brim with luxuriant images and head shots that would display simple Chinese elegance to the world. And to top it all off, she is the highest paid Asian supermodel.



We have another offspring of a timeless rocker! So as if her designs weren’t GORGEOUS enough, this woman knows how to dress for an everyday life and I love it. McCartney has an aura of finesse to her that appears to come fluently from her runway shows to meeting the Queen. She manages to look glamorous yet classy at all occasions. The Art of McCartney, hey.



Yeah, I get it. She’s categorised as ‘Plus-sized’ when really, she’s regular sized. This absolute true blue Aussie beauty is an absolute stunner. She’s covered Vogue and has her own swimwear line (take that, Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins!) and embraces her womanly figure. Her style flows and reflects the bubbly personality that she has in interviews and social media profiles. Not bad for someone from good old Western Sydney.



The Harrison groupie. The Mod Culture. The mega babe. Pattie Boyd. There aren’t enough words to describe the love I have for this woman’s style. Granted, I have an insatiable appetite for anything and everything 1960’s, Boyd’s cutting edge prints and cuts have inspired much of the wardrobe I have today. Her baby face and blonde hair managed to perfectly frame her glamorous life from Vogue covers to Beatles concerts. Oh yeah, and she married George Harrison, so thats a pretty cushy deal IMHO.

Various - 1966


She might be 80 years old now (and still fabulous if i might say so) but circa 1965 Tina Louise was incredibly stylish beyond her time. Known best for playing Ginger Grant in Gilligan’s Island, she was a sex symbol that knew how to dress. From colour blocking, glitzy frocks and seductive smiles, Louise is and ultimate bombshell in raunchy sixties glamour.



it’s obvious, right? She’s on everyones list of heroines and dressing goddesses. From the dress that wooed Prince William back in the University days all the way down to her recent trip to New York, Kate is great. She has killer eyebrows, perfectly caressing hair along either side of her face and a dress sense that can only be finished with the gorgeous smile we always see. HRH the Duchess of Hotness, amiright?



I love Alexa. This woman is incredible. Her street style is everything you could want in a daring yet elegant look for a lunch with friends or a shopping day. Then, we take a look in her couture images and voila, a stunner. From her bangs, signature ‘cross legged’ stance and relevant quizzical tweets, Chung rules all, period. With style this good, I’m beginning to think I’ve imagined you all along, Alexa. (oh my, pardon that pun too)


There are so many other women that I could go on about! Marion Cotillard, HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, and even Adelaide fashion blogger Iona Maclean (i adore her!). But for now, this shall do, and these are my favourite muses.


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