On The Globe

This years Golden Globe Awards provided us with all weird and wonderful creations to satisfy everyones fashion palates. I picked my top 5 favourites that may surprise some and go against traditional trends seen on red carpet during the awards season.


Mrs Clooney copped a fair bit of flack for her white gloves that she is believed to have created herself, but I think that this outfit is daring, elegant and stylish. Her hair is flawless and as her first official red carpet engagement as the wife of George Clooney, she’s won me over.



Everyone knows I’m a sucker for a pantsuit in any form or variation and I am LOVING this look from Lorde. It’s quite a divided outfit from fashion critics but it suits her and her persona, and is simply individual.


Again, it’s a variation of a pantsuit.It’s not quite as dramatic as the one Lorde is sporting previously, with some bling to brighten the top of the ensemble. Emma looks classy and glamorous in this and I have no issues with this look from Miss Stone.



This is beautiful. It’s simple and flowing nature of the dress is unique to any other at the awards. It has again divided opinions of critics but this look has got my vote. Hats off to Amanda, this look rocks!


Emily’s white Michael Kors gown was a particular highlight for me at this years Golden Globes. Emily always looks effortlessly chic and this choice is nothing different. Emily is able to pull off this gown with charm and splendour with a cutting figure and stunning earnings.


This years awards seemed to lack that one dress of pizazz and panache that we all look forward to at big award ceremonies. A vibe of ‘nice’ was found this years and while dresses were pretty, I feel like something was missing.


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