Yeah, so, erm, I succumbed to the status quo and went and bought the February issue of Vogue Australia, featuring Kim Kardashian West.
I would like to slightly alter my views that were initially put forward in ‘When Fashion Meets Reality’. Whilst I had still conducted research to gain more knowledge on KKW, the Vogue article and Editor’s letter from Edwina McCann has provided me a greater perspective on the queen of social media and reality television.

“Thanks to social media, we are all in the media business nowadays and have an audience we can preach and complain to, and a lot of people complain about Kim and some will complain about this cover”

As you all have read, I am guilty of this offence. I am not apologising for voicing my initially harsh opinion of KKW because everyone has the right to an opinion-this has been quite a prevalent topic the past 3 weeks- but since purchasing and reading this issue, my opinion has changed in certain aspects.

“But, this is the digital age we live in, and she is the most followed person on Instagram, I suppose magazines have to follow the times and put on the cover the people that are influencing society” ; while I still believe that this is true, KKW is on the cover of Vogue because of the status she has and the charm she has as a person. McCann managed to change my views of KKW within the first paragraph of her Editor’s letter

As a child, KKW’s aspiration in life was to be famous. No matter what type of fame she could clasp in her hands, she wanted to be in the public eye. And, by jove, has she achieved that. You cannot hate a woman who achieved her dreams, believed to be down-to-earth and a loving mother to a child.

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire


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