While it has technically been up and running for 4 weeks, 2015 begins for me, really, tomorrow. After a 9 week break away from a daily routine, this all recommences tomorrow at 8:40AM. Its a cliché, but, this break has been quite beneficial in the personal development of myself and most of that has, in actual fact, come from the production of this blog.

Everyone is guilty of paying out a peer when they start a YouTube channel or a blog. “Why are they doing that” “OMG thats so lame” “Did you see ___’s YouTube channel?”. I did NOT want to be the newest addition to that list. I was apprehensive to launch Elysian Blog for a very long time and it took quite a bit of convincing to actually launch it (thanks Faith and Sophie for the convincing xoxo). And, once I launched it on January 1st, I have felt a lot more confident!photo-4

I have received praise that I never expected in my wildest dreams! I can finally, honestly say that what people think of me no longer affects me. Yes, like all, I’m going to ask my best friend the “Is that post lame?” question after posting a photo or ‘white quote’ on Instagram, but, I think we are all guilty of that, no? Just me? Am I that lame? STOP THAT, SONIA!

My biggest weakness since I was about 10 years old has always been what people think about me. It is one factor of life that you cannot control and yet is one of the most self destructive ways to bring yourself down. I have said always “I do not care what people say about me” but I think I was in denial and never actually meant this, nor was I being true to myself. But now, after a long break, I can finally say it and not be lying. I know, I am basically Ghandi now.

SO, now that I have addressed that, I would like to say that this has been the best break I have had in a long time! It has made me realise the people that matter, the things that matter and the places that matter to me. I do not need to see my best friends everyday to know that we are close. I learnt that. I have began to accept the environment I live in because it could be much worse- I could live in Elizabeth….JUST KIDDING, but seriously! And, as much as I would like to give some inspiring talk about not needing ‘brand names’ to look good, I am sorry but that won’t be included here. Give me Marc Jacobs over Kmart any day. Sorry Kmart, your canvas shoes rocked my world in 2011, though.

It has been made perfectly clear to me what I want to do with my life; how I will not need my life sorted out by my mid twenties. Time to explore the world that there is outside of the South Australian Boarder. Focus on learning another language and actually completing assignments before the night they should be completed! As I said numerous times in 2014, “It’s time for me to get my S**t together, Charlotte”, except I will actually mean it this year.

I think at some point, we have all wanted to live some holistically organic approach to life where we go to yoga at 6AM, read until the wee hours of the morning and drink green smoothies; and unless you’re blogalaties (or just really freaking disciplined), this hasn’t been a sustainable approach to living, because life has gotten in the way. These holiday taught me that, no, I do not need to be Kayla Itsines to live a healthy, happy life. And it feels great.

Bring on 2015, the challenges, the tears, the breakdowns and the long haul flight to Italy. I am excited, and I am ambitious.



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