SS 15

SS 15 collections have been launched from design houses all over the world over the past month. Chanel, Valentino and Dior have all proven to be outstanding in their field of expertise, blowing the mind of fashionistas everywhere. But personal favourite for me, as is always the case every season, is British design house Ralph and Russo.

Ralph and Russo are a haute couture duo that have created a mecca of ballgowns and red carpet dresses that exceeded beyond expectation of what this month was to bring. We’ve all seen Kendall walk at Chanel, however, lets take a look at some of what these Brits have offered us this season.


We begin this creative journey with the Midi-dress. It is not your typical Midi, as one can see, as there are delicate, embellished details on each dress providing us with eye-catching attention to the garment.


A turn to moody hues, purple and cold colours make and appearance in the 2015 show with varying styles to keep a diverse range of dresses. Asymmetrical necklines and gathered hemlines make for an item of clothing that entrances ones palate.


A personal favourite style of mine is the classic cape-over-dress look that has been explored here in our middle garment. Creme and ivory shades pierce through predominantly in this collection which are versatile, not just for SS, but for all seasons.


These 3 garments, I believe, added that pop to the show that we were all waiting for. Each dissimilar from one another, pink, polkadots and darker shades used to break it up mixed perfectly rather than hinder each other.


And finally, the gorgeous showstoppers. Intricate stitching and production, delicate placement of fabric and peach shades, the collection is capped off with 3 dresses that stand above the rest.

Hats off to Ralph and Russo, this was a collection that raised above all expectation.


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