The Online Effect

I love Instagram. Everyone I know are aware I love Instagram. I love Instagram like Mary McCartney loves Instagram. It is a social media application that has revolutionised the teenage years, the adult years and even though we photo 2-3may not wish to admit it, the fashion stakes. Almost every fashion house, design studio, independent creatives and up-and-coming fashion labels have a page. Fashion is, literally, at your fingertips.

I will be completely honest; if it wasn’t for Instagram it would have taken me a lot longer to figure out who and/or what a Fashion Bunker (FSHNBNKR) is. My style would most probably be completely different and influenced alternatively to what it is and the people I interact with could, quite possibly, be different as well. So this got me thinking…


As of 2014, one of my favourite fashion labels has been The Fifth Label, a fashion label under the umbrella house of Australian Fashion Labels, hailing from my hometown of Adelaide, South Australia. The Fifth is an innovative label combining high fashion with street style and doing such in a stylish manner since its inception in 2014. The most expensive garment I have ever purchased form the label was $90AUD, further promising a label that is affordable yet stylish.

Without discovering the Instagram page of Adelaide boutique The Birdcage, I am not so sure that this would be the case. I happened to click on their page and saw a rather quirky Instagram for a fashion label. Almost as a flow on effect, I stumbled photo 3-3upon the pages of Cameo the Label and Keepsake the Label. This mecca of fashion has definitely influenced the way I now dress.

Instagram is, however, a platform that can launch the careers of many Entrepreneurs and emerging designers. Take Iona Maclean known as ‘Meraki Blog’. Recently hitting 10K followers on the social media app, her personal style is documented for all to see. She may not realise it but she could be influencing the dress sense of people. She has most certainly influenced mine! Collaborations with emerging labels and local-based designers, Iona is just another ‘grammer’ who is part of a revolutionary way we view fashion.

Look at Tumblr. What appears on your dashboard is changing our style and our opinions for that matter. The images of indie ‘hangs’, cosy winter coats and the in-trend this year, succulents. Each of those has gained exposure and momentum through social media and open eyes. Would people really care about succulents as much as there is an emphasis now if it wasn’t for these online forums? WOULD THEY?

Thus prevails, it all goes back to The Birdcage Boutique Instagram. If it wasn’t for that page, what would I be dressed in? How would I dress? Would I care so much about the details in my wardrobe? These are all questions that I can’t answer with full certainty now.
Because of Instgaram.
Because of social media.
And how it changed the way I found my style, or, my ‘aesthetic’ .


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