Easy There, Yeezy.

I really don’t get Kanye’s Adidas range. Like, I am genuinely confused as to what it is. The colour scheme matches that of ladies stockings and the minimalistic approach to street style has missed something. I firmly believe that anyone could recreate the range with some fabric from Spotlight and a sewing machine. Or, better yet, just go to Kmart, go see Jack and buy some track pants and stockings.

As one commenter proclaimed on the Vogue UK website “This isn’t a fashion collection, this is a North Korean camp on a bad day!”, some even calling it “Delusional” and “Vile”. Torn sweaters, barely there leggings and awkward track pants, I don’t know what look we are going for, but, it’s not working for me. I am really quite perplexed that I can’t even fully summarise in words the show. So, instead of trying, go look for yourself.

Because I sure as hell cannot decipher as to where this sits. High Fashion? Street Style? Or, maybe, the $10 racks in Target.


flix44 fashion-kanye-west-adidas-fall-2015



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