New Face: LH

Leilia Hogarth. Thats a unique name, and even more so when fixed together with its owner. An Italian speaker who will (hopefully) be going on to study International Relations at the University of Adelaide, Hogarth is a lover of the outdoors and the spectacle that is live music. Her style is quintessentially street, with a black-and-white button up shirt being a statement piece in her wardrobe; I’m sure that shirt has seen many things including Disclosure at Groovin the Moo and Bluejuice’s final Adelaide concert.

Outdoor Lover: Hogarth immersed in the outdoors
Outdoor Lover: Hogarth immersed in the outdoors

But there is one thing that is unmistakable about Leilia that everyone who knows her will have noticed: Her hair. Or, more specifically, the adornment wrapped around her blonde locks keeping them secured firmly in a slightly to the side high ponytail everyday. That adornment is a scrunchie.

Scrunchies have made a comeback in the past 5 years in fashion. It’s no longer a strange thing to see a girl (or guy, I’m not one to judge) wearing one down the street. At events like the Adelaide Fringe, almost everyone with their hair up is wearing some form of hairpiece, and 9 out of 10 times, it’s a scrunchie. Popular with the Indie/alternative folk, it’s not uncommon for them to additionally be seen on High Street fashionistas either.

In 2014, Hogarth launched her own home made business in the mecca of hair accessories aptly named ‘Get Scrunched’. After selling some for her inner circle of friends, she branched out and began selling them to friends-of-friends and so on. She launched her Instagram page (@getscrunched) for promotion and started a Facebook page with the help of friend, Jack Newbury, and the support of her inner circle, the self named Alpha.

The Button Up: Hogarth, second from right (with members of Alpha + Tkay Maidza) at Groovin the Moo.
The Button Up: Hogarth, second from right (with members of Alpha + Tkay Maidza) at Groovin the Moo.

Elysian Blog: “So, why scrunchies? Why not a mass amount of homemade clothes to sell?”
Leila Hogarth: “I do make home made clothes, it’s just scrunchies are easier to make in large quantities, and the different patterns can be used to match outfits and stuff [laughs] I haven’t got a great vocabulary [laughs]”

And this is true. Scrunchies are a versatile and adaptable accessories that can be matched with almost anything. A denim skirt, a black dress or even leopard print loafers, a scrunch can perfectly complement an outfit with little hassle and a reasonable price tag.

Snowing scrunchies: Some of whats on offer @ Get Scrunched
Snowing scrunchies: Some of whats on offer @ Get Scrunched

EB: “Where do you see Get Scrunched going in the future? Market stalls? Etsy-Style online shopping outlets?”
LH: “In the future, if I have enough motivation, I want a market stall and an Etsy store , but I have thought about it several times and it is quite a long process to do, so if I were to start a store, I would have to dedicate a lot of time to getting it running”

Hogarth’s relaxed approach to ‘going bigger’ and down to earth attitude is refreshing. She’s ambitious but sees the reality of having to put in the hard yards to go onto bigger and better things. We will just have to wait and see just how big Get Scrunched, gets.



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