Carbs. Lots of Carbs.

After receiving 90% on a nutrition test last week, I am well informed as to what I should be consuming and how much. However, this weekend that was all thrown out the window and an indulgence of all food groups was consumed from one end of Adelaide to the other. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!

On Friday, I dined at Woodstock Estate in Mclaren Flat, just under an hours drive from the Adelaide CBD. It was an absolute surprise as I was told I was heading to Burger Theory on Rundle Street but was being driven further South rather than North. I held no remorse towards the decision once we had arrived. Woodstock Estate is located in the serene surroundings of Mclaren Flat, where vineyards are strewn on either sides of the drive into the restaurant and the world renowned South Australian wineries are flowing past as you drive by. It’s hard not to be in awe of the picturesque journey, even if it is in your own backyard, as is the case with myself.

11056995_1070024866347974_423434144_n    11084530_1070024863014641_319941480_n

Friday nights are pizza night. Have I caught your attention yet? Yes? Good. 
$36 for ALL YOU CAN EAT oven cooked pizza perfectly altered to fit almost all dietary requirement and food particulars. A three course meal, my night started with a vegetarian entree complimented with salad and a tangy sauce whose name has currently eluded me. When seated next to the window with live music playing and consuming an appetising, yet not heavy entrée, you know you’re in for a good time. As a vegetarian, my pizza was quite plain compared to meat eaters, but this is not uncommon and I am used to it. However, there was a twist to it, with a non-traditional Pumpkin added to the Tomato, Red Onion and Cheese that topped my gluten free base- It’s very Tara Guckel accommodating. Desert was a Frangipani and Raspberry tart with Vanilla ice cream to finish the meal with a sweet and fulfilling treat. Safe to say my hunger was sated.

Sunday afternoon, I lunched at Parisis restaurant, Hyde Park, with a few friends to round off the weekend and fantastic birthday celebrations all-round. I fell like I’ve eaten my weight in food this weekend and I have no regrets #cleaneating. A margarita Pizza was again the primary choice of food at Parisis, however a side of crunchy fries and occasionally tasting others meals was also on my palate for the day. The setting at Parisis was equally inviting as the food, with rustic and unique features adorning the walls. The lunch was finished off with Vanilla and Banana gelati and some sparkling water for indigestion. The total, although, wasn’t quite as pretty as the King William Road setting; lets just say, enough for a pair of Tony Bianco heels was spent on food but WELL WORTH IT!


A stop at Flowers 152 and a stroll down King William, a wonderful day with wonderful people and food. That is one birthday weekend I won’t forget. Now, back to the gym to get rid of the Pizza hanging onto my hips.

11079800_1070025039681290_903656880_n    11075145_1070024859681308_1256592512_n

My outfit on the day included the following:
– Finders Keepers the Label Playsuit $60 @ The Universal Store (it’s a rather old collection)
– Lipstik/ Senso heels $79-$259 @ Windsor Smith
– Quay Sunglasses $39 @ Windsor Smith
– Marc by Marc Jacobs rose gold watch + bangle @ David Jones.
– Colette by Colette Hayman earrings $8.95 @ Colette by Colette Hayman

11081684_1070025033014624_512157797_n    11020444_1070024966347964_854716815_n

I have included some of my favourite photos from the weekend below, enjoy!




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