Never Let the Cutters Win

Around watering holes in Africa, you may find animals brawling across the land. Clawing, biting and hungry for a winning fight, this is not uncommon, as documented in the film Mean Girls. Then, there are sample sales. A preconceived idea surrounding the sample sale is that women retreat to animalistic traits as soon as a 70% off sign is placed in a shop window, or a Facebook event is created promoting a ‘$10 Sale’ pops up in your newsfeed. Australian fashion mecca, FSHNBNKR, had a $10 sample sale yesterday at the Burnside Ballroom and safe to say, this was one of the craziest days of my life. After purchasing 8 items of clothing, the valuation was well in excess of $1,000 but yet I paid $80, providing evidence that the sale was worth it. But, for future reference, I have compiled a list of handy hints on how to survive a fashion sale- Sample Sale focus.

  1. Comfy shoes

    The amount of girls I saw wearing Tony Bianco’s and heeled boots made me feel sorry for the poor pinky toe and burning ball of the foot that was suffering in the line, waiting to be relieved of its pain. I (and my shopping partner Sophie) opted for the simple-yet-effective Birkenstock’s for the day and it worked a treat. When you enter the hall to shop, you’re allotted 15 minutes. You need to go as if you’re Usain and this is the Rio Olympics: every seProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetcond matters, every marginal gain, and wearing flat shoes will help in so many ways.
  2. Water. Lots of it.

    If you dehydrate, you lose it. Nothing else matters. All you can think of is water. All you see is water. The tiny drop of dew on the grass, the sweat on the cyclists passing you, the bottle someone else is drinking, all you will be thinking of is quenching your thirst. Always bring water. Always. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
  3. Patience.

    This is the hardest one. You’ve been there 4 and a half hours. You’re hungry. You need to go to the toilet. You’ve been singing and dancing to Uptown Funk on repeat to cure your boredom. There’s only so many times you can refresh an Instagram feed, only so many newspaper articles to read. You start to wonder “is this worth it?” “will they even have my size?” “I JUST WANT SOME GOD DAMNED FOOD!”. It will be worth it. You will get in there, you will be queen, they WILL have your size. Just be PATIENT!
    DO NOT let tall blonde haired, denim clad organic girl cut in front. You have waited so long. This isn’t fair. Make friends in the line, not enemies. Two girls attempted to cut the line. Well, that didn’t go down well because we all piped up at them and within 5 minutes, they were at the back of the line. Do not let the line-cutters win. Ever.
  5. Get there earlyphoto 1-11
    It started at 12PM and we arrived at 9:45AM. That wasn’t good enough. Fun fact: the girls at the front arrived at 3AM. Now I am not saying go to that extreme by any means, but, far out, get there at 9AM and bring folding chairs. If you love your fashion, and know the value of a sample sale, you will do this. It was carnage, people. CARNAGE

If you follow these basic guiding points, you will be in for a successful sale. In the meantime, I’m going to go run up Mt Lofty in my $10 FKxFIT ensemble for a cute Instagram photo because I can. Ciao lovelies.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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