Some find it in the comfort of their own living room, some find it in long walks on the beach. Calmness, serenity, tranquility. A serene vibe of peacefulness and a odour of being content with your surroundings, happiness. I find this strolling along Rundle Street at 10:30AM with little hustle and bustle and the morning rush. A grayscale colour palate accompanied me this morning, musing in Zimmermann and Alannah Hill, with the odd sprinkle of raindrops pattering onto the pavement and the sun attempting to peak through the dense cloud; it did eventually succeed.Today was initially approached to be a day of shopping, embarking on a mission to find the elusive pair of culottes missing from my A/W wardrobe, but this soon changed as I found myself wandering hidden lanes and previously uncharted sections of the East End province. It reaffirmed to me that in Adelaide, quaint little Adelaide, there are hidden gems that we all need to explore.

Β If you’re off to Groovin the Moo on ANZAC weekend, stay tuned on Sunday for a guide to love, loss and depression on HOW TO SURVIVE A FESTIVAL!



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