I know, I know. Most of us were sent into meltdown when the splendour in the grass line up was announced on Wednesday Morning, boasting international acts along the lines of FLORENCE+ THE MACHINE, THE WOMBATS, MARK RONSON, BLUR and ROYAL BLOOD (!) A mid-week depression set in, and we were all wishing for a July spent in Byron. 

However, many of us were left stranded on another continent checking a live Snapchat feed because we weren’t there in the magical world that is Coachella, pining to one day be there in the flesh, dancing the night away to the piercing vocals of aforementioned Florence Welsh or Marina and the Diamonds. Wearing a garland of flowers in our hair or a pair of overalls, one day the dream may become a reality. Or perhaps, it is the vast fields of Scotland- Glastonbury, perhaps- that you’re lusting after, the entrancing sounds of Kanye West, Alt-J, Rudimental or The Foo Fighters.

In 2015, I am saddened to not be attending Australia’s answer to Glasto, Groovin the Moo (GTM). The line up really is something. Charlie XCX, Carmada, Ball Park Music, San Cisco, Wolfmother, and the list goes on. A festival is a unique experience. It’s like being transported into another dimension where people share your love of a particular sound and style. The long day watching and listening to artists, the many bottles of water consumed and making sure you’re wearing the right shoes is standard and in 2015, never fear, I come bearing answers to make your day in regional Australia (or, any festival you may be attending) one to remember.

With the help of four festival enthusiasts and experts, your day out shall be splendid IF you follow some of the hints provided from these four ladies and gentlemen.

“It’s not funny if you upload your own selfie as a reaction photo in an attempt to make a joke”
Buys his way to every festival by working at Kmart for the last 3 years, 16
Festival History:
Future Music Festival 2013 +2014
GTM 2014
Soundwave 2014 + 2015
1. You need to have an overall idea of what you plan to do, who you want to see and when you want to have a break or else it becomes messy.
2. you need to be prepared to be pushed around, if you plan on going into any mosh pits, but that doesn’t mean you have to purposely push either. Help people who have been pushed over or look distressed. In saying that, you need to be dressed appropriately!! No heels or open shoes or else you will definitely be stepped on about 10,000 times.
3. Stay hydrated so you can last the entire day, and if you’re with people and you lose them, don’t stress too much, because you’ll eventually find them, just remember to enjoy the festival!

“I haven’t got very good grammar”
Scrucnhie enthusiast, 17
FESTIVAL HISTORY: Future Music Festival 2015
GTM 2014
1. Find someone big and strong that is willing to put you on their shoulders.
2. Plan out what acts you are going to see, and compare with friends to see if you have a concert buddy, and always stay with your concert buddy as some festivals do not have great mobile reception! (HINT: Oakbank Racecourse, GTM Adelaide venue, does not have good reception!)
3. Always stock up on free supplies at festivals. At Futures, there was iced tea and all day they were giving out cups of ice cold iced tea, and that pretty much got me through the whole day. I didn’t die from dehydration.

“her Insta is maybes a but TOO colourful”
Education Student @ Flinders University, 17
1. [Wear] enclosed shoes. Nothing is worse that wearing thongs/sandals and getting your feet treaded on.
2. Be with a friend all the time or have a meeting point, if you’re with a group of friends and organise a place to meet up together
3. Make friends in the mosh! There is nothing better than sharing a bond together over the same artist and jamming out together!

“Leadership is not just another subject”
Burger Connoisseur, 17
FESTIVAL HISTORY: Future Music Festival 2015
GTM 2014
1. You’ve got to know your transport. Whether your taking a bus, public transport or driving in, work out how you’re getting there, and how you’re getting home. Understand what your crew is doing; work out who’s going to see who at least before everyone branches off when you arrive. Chances are, you’ll have average [phone] reception. Groovin the Moo for example, be prepared not be able to make contact with them for the rest of the day. I suggest choosing a meeting place, not somewhere likely to get occupied as it picks up like tables, but just a spot you all know. Spend your breaks between acts here in case anyone else wanders up and use it to meet with others to go see different acts with them. You’ve got to know your set times and keep track of them as well, otherwise you’ll unknowingly be taking a lunch break in your fave band. You’ve also got to allow yourself to be free in your plan; didn’t originally want to see an act and change your mind, go to them. Festivals are about enjoying yourself and letting go so do not feel stuck in what you decided weeks before.
2. Festival fashion can always bring out the best in people’s tastes, but chances are half of the outfits that stunned you will have very irritated wearers by the end of the day. Be comfortable over aesthetic, but it’s not to say you can’t have both. Make sure your shoes are enclosed, so you’re prepared for muddy grounds, you getting stepped on and being on your feet all day. Even on the coldest day, you’re going to get really really hot in the crowd. I do not recommend jeans, nor jumpers, but instead opt for a few easy layers. Have a base outfit, something simply and small like a playsuit, or shorts and a top, and then work a parka into it. You can just tie this around your waist as it heats up, and chuck it over your shoulders again as it cools down
3. As annoying as it is, you’re most likely going to need a bag for your festival. First thing you want is money; though the prices for absolutely anything at a festival on offer are normally ridiculous, taking money saves you the effort to carry even more. Chances are you’re gonna need it in cash too, rather than on card, with ATM lines being worse than that for the girls toilets. I suggest developing a little purse where you keep some cash, possibly your card just in case, and ID and a public transport card, also. This will allow you to actually get into the festival, make your beverage purchases if over 18, and have a back up way of getting home if push comes to shove.

SO the top tips are:


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