Your White Shirt is an investment. A perfectly crisp, fitting white shirt will never let you down. It’s there in winter, it’s there in Summer. Your white shirt earns a place in your wardrobe, it is not entitled to it. Your first white shirt is like your first boyfriend. A new experience, full of memories and moments of pure joy but more often than not, it will let you down. It will soon become something other than what you first had. It’s ill-fitting, it’s lost its initial charisma and it needs to go.

You’re left hurt, pining for a time when you had the perfect white shirt but really you were caught up in the moment and made the rash decision of buying the first one you found without shopping around for a more robust, versatile version of this classic wardrobe staple. What ever shall you do? This piece of clothing sits aside the perfect pair of jeans, the ballet flats and the black blazer in the pile of wardrobe essentials and, just like the aforementioned items, should always be an investment and not an impulse buy. Would you purchase a $1,000 car that will only run for 1 month instead of saving for a $7,000 that will last 4 years+? Didn’t think so. Place your white shirt in the same company. Never let this be an omission from your wardrobe.

Places like Witchery, Sportscraft, SABA, Bardot, Kookai and, the Motherland, David Jones will have you covered for a solid white shirt in under $150AUD.
It’s time to invest ladies (and gents!)
Tomorrow is Winter.



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