Revival ::

Revival: “An instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again.”

Vietnam, the death of Lennon and the aggregated fandom for The Stones; the Seventies were one hell of a decade.

Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collections experienced a renaissance period when parading through the world of fashion weeks during the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. Amassing a growing following wherever it went and whoever designed it, the presence of a nineteen seventies aura oozed through the runway at Gucci, Dior, Zimmermann and Paul & Joe to name a few. Each label bringing fruition to a market clouded in a haze of black, stripes and the odd craziness of a Comme Des Garçons showing each season.10717996_1118606511489809_935998115_n

The term “everything old is new again” presents itself with little avail as flared trousers and oh-so-boho dresses prance on the street outside showings and are then reinvented on the runway. Designers, weary of being artlessly pastiche with the designs and creations, inspire a regeneration of Studio 54 colours and Bianca Jagger-esque cuts, entrancing a new generation with everything peace and love. But how, when 10 years ago flares would have been laughed at, did these houses manage to pull the consumer, the fashion lover, the stylist and the editor, onto their side again?

Collectively, designers are incredibly smart people. They can spot and up-and-coming trend and utilise this, producing gowns and creations that inspire said revival. It was a fitting season of collections with the seventies revival not coming at a better time and rejuvenating the world of fashion, waking up to the glorious, vivid colours that were no longer a far-out distant memory, but were coming to life once again in 2015. It lacked the crude Austin Powers extremes of psychedelic flower power but embrace a culture of a simpler time than we know of as a younger generation, a demographic that is slowly but surely, becoming intrigued by a decade before their time.

And when Alexa Chung embraces a season, you know you’ve well and truly, picked a winner.

“Leave me listing to The Stones, 2,000 light years from home.”







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