July Favourites

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” – Edith Sitwell

I’m cold. I’m tired. I’ve been surviving on a combination of Europe-time and Australian time yet this is one of my favourite times of the year, and it’s been made even better by the recent acquisitions into my wardrobe and beauty bank. And as the month of July has passed us by for yet another year, it’s time to share some of my favourite investments over the past month.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation: Liquid foundation and I have always incurred a love-hate relationship. I either end up looking like someone with a Vitamin A deficiency (yellowing skin) or something out of The Only Way Is Essex- excessively orange. It takes a solid application in store, travelling outside into natural light, re-observing in a mirror ill-lit for its purpose and serious deliberation with the Make Up artist in order to be fully satisfied. THANK THE LORD FOR MECCA! It is not the cheapest of foundations to purchase at $66AUD but with the result achieved  being a natural glow and a light feel to the skin, it’s $66 well spent and is a recommendation to anyone at a crossroads with their foundation. When paired with perfectly contoured bronzing and a light application of blush, it works wonders (No wonder Zoella loves it!). Apply with a buffing brush or fingers, but avoid flat foundation brushes at all costs! Also, the Sheer Glow is recommended for those with dry skin. 11802185_1154899404527186_454892075_n

NARS Soft Velvet Loose Powder: A philosophy of mine is always to purchase a matching powder to set a foundation and, as I have quite dry skin, the lovely lovely make-up artist did recommend this particular type of application for me so not to completely dry out my skin. A slight dust in the T-zone, on the apples of the cheeks and the edges of your face shall have one covered for the day with a natural glowing look.

OPI Nail Lacquer in shades SAMOAN SANDS, BIG APPLE RED: A freshly painted nail can work wonders for confidence and setting an outfit. Chipped, broken nails are never a good look and only one coat of polish can change all of that, to whom OPI are champions of. Once painted, nails shine in the light and add extra character to a days ensemble. I often find myself sticking to basic colours like red, white, nude and black but a pop of colour does sneak into my repertoire. $19.95AUD.

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm: I swear by this stuff and am slowly rubbing off on those around me with my love of Aesop. If you don’t own an Aesop hand cream by now, go in store and try some. Hands are worn down over the day, out in the elements and touching everything. Literally, everything. Treat them with a repairing aid that looks, smells and feels great. Believe the hype on this one.

Aesop Geranium Seed Body Scrub: Remove the dead skin cells from the surface of he body with this nourishing creation from glorious Aesop. For use once a week, the generously sized tube will last you for up to 4 months and scrubs the skin for a fresh, squeaky-clean coat. Additionally, the scrub is a part of the Geranium Seed collection which includes a toner, cleanser and lotion. CKAkJ3wUcAEzOOK

ZU Shoes Patent Leather Brogues; With an androgynous wardrobe in the colder months, the search for brogues was on this winter and in the middle month of the season, I found the perfect pair. On sale. Half price. How could I turn that down?! Brogues suit everything and they are one of the most versatile shoes out there, suitable for dresses, trousers and skirts. Invest in a good pair of brogues and you most certainly won’t regret it.

Chanel Fragrance(s): The classic No. 5 and the young energetic Chance continually find themselves in my go-to fragrance collections and never let me down with a hint of style and pop. And the vintage bottle on No. 5 adds an essence of character to the already legendary scent!


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