16 Ways You Know You’re an Aerobic Gymnast

  1. Whenever you bend down to collect something off a lower desk or the floor, you unintentionally end up doing a vertical split alina2
  2. When the new routines are released and your club is buzzing with excitement like tumblr_l5xjrnRaBE1qbqcys
  3. You grimace when your coach says your boobs are big enough to get taped. crying-gifs-10112013-09
  4. And now know that a person has never felt true pain until they pull strapping tape off of their boobs and just above their ribs. wpid-tumblr_m6wmxbusi31qmryh4o2_500
  5. The pain of wearing a leotard a size too small in your AEROSkools days is a memory all too vivid for your own good. fat-guy-single-ladies-o
    like, seriously.
  6. When you win your first gold medal and you don’t know how to reactanigif_enhanced-3030-1424965827-18
  7. You know theres no such thing as too many scrunchies and wristbands in your bag on comp day. Like, what if someone forgets theirs!? tumblr_lsd0sinwWH1r34gqso1_500
  8. Whenever anyone asks you what aerobics is and you look at them like partyio-nsqekc1y5cq284zhplrf-original
    Like, its kind of zumba-meets-artistic gymnastics
  9. And because of that, people think your super fit so you just stand there like tumblr_inline_n2j1q6H3es1qdjtxa
  10. The rage you feel when people ask you “Why isn’t it in the Olympics then?” tumblr_nfwlqxsnAW1rdhesho1_500
  11. And the even greater rage you feel when people say it’s not a real sport. 3846465-angry
  12. When no one knows any other gymnasts other than Gabby Douglas and you sit there like anigif_enhanced-buzz-8635-1411746332-4
  13. When you family surprise you at competitions and your just standing there over the moon. a5bF227
  14. When your coach tells you that they’re leaving and you lose it like tumblr_m0hryrATkN1r7bma7o1_400
  15. When your club becomes a second family and you can’t imagine life without seeing them at least twice a week tumblr_m9enojeHWj1r6cleeo4_500
  16. And finally, you know you’re and Aerobic Gymnast when you can never EVER listen to the original versions of your sped-up routine songs again. kpl
    Like, ever.

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