NYFW 2015. It’s dominated my Instagram feed over the past few days, and the designs and creations emerging keep reeling me in further to explore and experiment with new textures and prints. Street Style meeting RTW and the influence of both on each other was easily seen on the streets of New York and, with Australian Designers Zimmerman and TYLR showing equally lavish collections, it’s a proud time to be an Australian Fashion Enthusiast. Check out some of the hottest photos from the scene and a walk down my favourite RTW show of the season, Jeremy Scott and his exploration of the Swinging Sixties. Groovy, Baby!

Jeremy Scott SS16 RTW- NYFW 

js44 jss169 jss1655 jsss16 jsss160 jsss165 jsss167 jssss16 jssss168

N Y F W  2 0 1 5 

  • Karen Walker
  • Kendall Sargeant
  • Zac Posen
  • Zimmermann

karen walker ss16 kndlsrgent kndlsrgnt kndlzim street style bffs tylr zac posen zac posen ss16 zim zimm zimmm


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