13 Ways You Know You’re a [retired] Aerobic Gymnast

  1. The nationals spam kills you
    1 gif 
  2. Like, really kills you
    2 gif 
  3. Like, it makes you wanna commit
    3 gif 
  4. You yearn for an excuse to wear sequins during the day
    4 gif 
  5. And to be able to tell people that you’re an ‘athlete’ again
    5 gif 
  6. You’re respiratory system decides that you don’t actually need to be able to breathe after walking up stairs now that you’ve quit
    6 a gif 
  7. You start to miss training with those amazingly talented athletes, and being able to tell you’re friends “WOAH LOOK WHAT MY AEROBICS FRIEND CAN DO”
    7 gif
    Holly I miss you
  8. And you feel super old when the little ones are now seniors too
    8 gif 
  9. You hear songs on the radio that would make kick-ass warm up songs, but, you don’t actually warm up anymore.. so you just sit there, awkwardly dancing
    9 b 
  10. You start sounding exactly like your first coach when you start coaching juniors
  11. And then you put them through the pain you felt when you first began
    11 gif
    Props to Ashlee Mitchell killing me with push-ups as a 12 year old
  12. When you rock up to comps you feel super out of the loop because of all the new people
    12 gif
  13. And, most of all, you miss being able to do the splits and basic skills you mastered after so much training
    13 gif

    Like, you can’t even high leg kick anymore.


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