How your semester is looking right about now

  1. You think you’re going steadily then BAM, here’s 4 summative assignments
  2. Ooh, lets just add 2 tests to that as well!
  3. You’re beyond sleep deprived and are beginning to question whether you have chronic fatigue or not
  4. All those aspiring Doctors are questioning their commitment because chemistry, biology and physics and are starting to take a toll on their will to live
  5. You can never be too careful with what you say because EVERYONE IS ANGRY ALL THE TIME
    people angry
  6. And you have to watch the tone you say anything with because EVERYONE IS ANGRY ALL THE TIME
  7. You’ve uttered the words “I’m gonna wing it” or “I’ll be fine” too many times for your own good
    wing it
  8. And procrastination levels are at an all time high
  9. But then you suddenly get at burst of productivity and decided to do everything in two hours, and then burn out for the rest of the week.
    burst of
  10. All the food & hospitality students are stressing because all of a sudden there’s so much more to do than make vegetable rice
  11. Your skin has decided to chuck in some extra pimples just for the lols
  12. And basically now all you can do is ride out the next weeks on the hope that you’re gonna get your shit together… at some point.

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