2015 Empties


Ah yes, 2015. The year where Donald Trump announced his bid for the White Office, the year Australia got its fifth Prime Minister in three years, and the year where bohemian chic replaced colour blocking, and khaki was the new black. It’s been a big year for many, for good and for worse, and through the past 12 months I have finished an array of cosmetics that have (and haven’t!) served me well. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

  • Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque.
    This has been an absolute darling, and since purchasing it in early March, I am already into my second jar. When applying on skin, half a teaspoon size on the back of my hand is plenty to cover my face and neck, and once rinsed off leaves skin smooth and firmer than before. It is recommended that the mask is applied twice a week, however, once a week has been more than enough to work it’s magic. Suitable for most skin types, but check in store if you have any further questions surrounding your compatibility with the product. Recommend.
  • Aesop Coriander Body Seed Cleanser 

    The refreshing body cleanser released by Aesop was introduced to me in late June of 2015 and was the perfect mix of gel and body wash. The low-foam nature of the product and the coriander scent paired together make for a perfect combination that is suitable for all skin types. Recommend.

  • OPI Top Coat
    OPI, the reliable nail brand, have worked their magic on the Top Coat which leaves nails chip free for up to 1 week and leaves a diamond-sparkle finish after application. However, I have found 12358368_1228931010457358_1362437678_nthat the substance becomes gluey and gluggie inside the bottle after only a few applications, which was disappointing, and can cause the polish to be difficult to work with once this has occurred. Not Recommended
  • Naughty Alice- Vivienne Westwood 

    Powdery, Musky and with a hint of Yellow Floral, the cute perfume that has been in circulation since 2010 is ideal for a weekend lunch or Friday night dinner as it is not overwhelming but is not subtle in its scent. The bottle fits neatly in hands and the 50 mL size is also a handy size to chuck in a handbag for sprits’ throughout the day. Recommend.
  • Flower Princess- Vera Wang

    One of the many Princess perfumes released by Ms Wang, Flower Princess lives up to its name with obvious floral scents and citrus notes after spraying. It is a fresh mix of odours that are perfect for summer weather as it is a fragrance that is not as heavier as a Lola by Marc Jacobs, but not as light as Chloe by Chloe. Recommend.
  • Benefit Hello Flawless Liquid Foundation 

    Foundation issues have plagued me for a long time. I’ve never been able to find one that perfectly matches my skin or comes as close to as possible. Earlier this year i decided to try the Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation and, while it gives good coverage, I found that it made the appearance of my skin more yellow as i proceeded to use it, even after different application methods and even going into the Benefit Bar and seeking advice. Some may love it, but I am unfortunately not one of them. Not Recommended.

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