Seek More.

Florence is a city where the skies dance with the stars, where the streets are peppered with pedestrians, and where hearts are sent a flutter. It’s electric.

Ever since I was a twelve year old and earned pocket money, I was saving for a house. My goal was always to save $30,000 by the time I was twenty-three to have enough money for a deposit on a house or unit. I wanted a place to decorate on my own, a place to furnish my own and a place to make my own. I never wanted a car and I never considered travel high on my savings agenda. Even up until the night before I travelled to Italy in November of 2015, the house de12669180_1267192933297832_934738416_o.jpgposit was still my goal.

So I travelled, I came home, and the goal changed. The money that I have been saving since I was twelve, I’m now saving to travel back to Europe and spend time soaking up a world outside of my own. A car, its bills and its petrol will always be there. A house, its bills and its mortgage will always be there. When you travel, it becomes an infection. It stays with you forever with a crave to go somewhere foreign to where you have grown. Let’s talk about florence.

Florence is a city that I miss with all my heart. I’ve experienced a modified version of the emotion ‘fernweh’, an untranslatable german word defined as ‘being homesick for a place you have never gone.’ I’m homesick for a place on the other side of the world. Florence is a city of art, fashion and buildings upon buildings. The red-roofed homes and offices fill the sky over the Tuscan city and the sunsets hypnotising tourists and florentines alike.

On my second day in Florence, I climbed the Duomo with a travel companion, Charlotte. The view was indescribable. There’s a moment in the movie Monte Carlo where Selena Gomez stares out over France and simply exclaims ‘somebody pinch me.’ This was a moment not unlike that. We sat and, with Dean Martin playing on a speaker, soaked in the panoramic views of a city that captured our hearts. Out of our entire Italian adventure, that moment was the moment of the biggest wows.

Each night we were there, we stopped at the same gelateria and each purchased a cup of lemon and hazelnut gelato. We watched magenta sunsets over the Ponte Vecchio and walked along paved streets lined with Chanel, Longchamp and Armani. Our time was brief, but oh so beautiful.

Before cementing yourself to your comfort, seek more. Step outside your doorstep and see the glory of the globe. Seek the world.



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