Trudeau on Senior Year…

This is year 12, perfectly summed up by Canada’s prime minister

1. When friday lesson 3 is a study lesson
good grade, when thursday is a study.gif

2. When people ask you what the homework wasdo you know whats goin on

3. When people complain about getting an A instead of an A+A instead of A.gif

4. When everyone reassures you that “getting a B isn’t even bad!”getting b's


5. When people sit at your table at recess and lunch even though THEY KNOW its YOUR table.
when you table is taken at recess

6. How you plan your study lessons to go
skyin up study.gif

7. And how they actually go
really study lessons.gif

10. When year 8’s think that homework is hard
year 8's think hard

11. When you actually get somewhere with your research project
research done.gif

12. And, finally, when a teacher drafts your work and there’s less than 5 comments on it

That feeling of finally achieving something in life.


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