The Thrill of Designer

“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”

Why is shopping that little bit more pleasurable when you’re set on purchasing a big name item? Why is it so much more enticing when you’re about to buy the ‘it bag’ of the season, coming in at about the same cost as a ticket to Europe via Melbourne? It would be much more logical to spend a quarter of the price on a high street brand rather than the real thing. Indeed, it is serving the same purpose and saving you some cash. But it’s not the same, is it. For a subconscience reason, designer is better. And there’s no telling why.

There’s a minority group in society that can justify spending $1,500 on a pair of shoes because they’re Gucci. While the bulk of the world discochloe faye.jpgunt this as mad and find it beyond comprehension, those within the minority see it as nothing of the sort. Quality over quantity is the justification, and if it means being behind on rent and starving for a few weeks then that’s just the life they’re going to lead. With the Instagram revolution of fashion in full swing, it can also be seen as shaping the identity of your social status when a Chloé Faye is adorning your feed.

But, we cannot blame Instagram for the designer appeal of fashion. The thrill has been around for decades. It was Doc Martens in the 70s, Slip dresses in the 90s and Juicy Couture velour tracksuits in the 2000s. 2010’s brought the rise of the cross-body purse, as seen by Chanel with the introduction of the Boy bag, a modern adaptation of the 2.55.

And we flock. EVERYONE loves the Boy bag. Alexa loves it, Sarah Jessica loves it, Adelaide fashion writer Tammy Tu loves it. It’s expensive, but it’s on the list of many fashion lovers to one day purchase. To step into the Chanel Boutique as a regular human and walk out as a Chanel Person. A dignified member of the secret girl gang joined together by the Boy. Even if it does cost upwards of $5,000AUD.

But there are always stories behind the cost of the garment. Compare fake Boy with real Boy. It’s easy to spot the difference in quality, price and prestige.

fake biy
Fake Boy
real boy
Real Boy

Consider this a visual representation as to why you spend more on the cost of luxury, designer goods. An article from The Business of Fashion explains…

“First, let’s consider the rough costs of producing a luxury product. Gross margins for luxury companies typically hover around 65 percent — that sounds like a lot, but it’s what shareholders now expect. It also means that a $3,500 bag costs roughly $1,225 to produce and bring to market, all the way from materials to sale. There are many steps along the way that contribute to the final price. There are the costs of raw materials, design, manufacturing and fulfillment. Then, at retail, there’s the cost of prime real estate and sales staff. And finally, there’s marketing: those glossy fashion adverts cost a pretty penny to produce, let alone to place.”

One cannot discount the thrill of purchasing designer over high street. And next time you question that thrill, think of just why that handbag is that much. You do get what you pay for.



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