Brows, Brows, Brows

After inheriting my Mother’s dark Indian eyebrows, I’ve never been one to buy into the world of brow mascaras, brow pencils and brow gels. The simple reason? I haven’t had to because I was a little bit blessed through my genes. But that all changed a last weekend when an absolute gem accidentally fell into my arms: The Napoleon Wand- ER Brow brow mascara.brows 3

I was having my foundation applied in store and the lovely make up artist applied it to define my brows. My initial reaction was panic because I never let anyone touch my brows and it was happening, literally, before my eyes. But it was a miracle in disguise. I think everyone has that moment after applying their foundation and seeing that their brows are covered in a veil of powder, looking like you’ve just been in a sandstorm somewhere in Dubai. Never fear, this has got you covered.

At $29, it’s an absolute steal that every girl needs in her makeup bag form this point on because you only need the smallest sweep over the hairs and the Wand-Er Brow has done its job. Simplicity at it’s finest, beauty at it’s peak. Get yours here 


I’ve rounded up the best brow tools around for you to add to cart.

The Brow Set- Mac Cosmetics $28 


Brow Gel- Nars $23


Brow Artists Genius Kit-  L’Oréal $24.95



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