Autumn Must: Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens

Autumn brings with it a time to ponder the heat of a memorable summer and the prospect of a dreary winter. It also brings with it leaves that have danced with the fading sunlight only to be scorched by its embers leaving streets blanketed with roofs of orange, yellow and red that eventually trickle down onto the pavement to pepper the floor with leaves.

If you go one place in South Australia this autumn, make it the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens. A must do in spring, it desperately needs to be added to your weekend agenda before the clouds well and truly set in for the colder months.

The drive up to the gardens sets the tone, each street lined with colourful trees that form a guard of honour over local lanes and make for a stunning scene. Winding roads are saturated in foliage from all directions, your car even becoming victim to the falling leaves with them making their presence known on your windscreen.

The Adelaide Hills are perfect for exploring all year round but this time is a must. Do yourself a favour and get out there!




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