Roman Holiday

It’s very easy when you’re sitting in a library furiously reading about a place you’ve travelled to become nostalgic and filled with wanderlust. Life for the past three weeks has consisted of furiously researching Caesar for a research paper and saturating my brain with content of Ancient Rome. Rome. Oh how I miss Rome.

When I arrived in rome on November 10th 2015, I was a wreck. I’d left Australia for the first time, survived a 20+ hour flying ordeal and had managed to stress myself out to the point of a large pimple forming on the rim of my top lip. It paints quite an image, doesn’t it. Initially driving into the city popularised by history, romance and culture, I hardly had a bone in me ready to soak it all in. I just wanted a shower, a bed and a working internet connection.

But it was when driving up Via Del Corso to our hotel that it all began to sink in. I was on the other side of the world, in a new land and a very different environment. I opened our hotel window to the view of the Piccoli Apartamenti opposite ours to see and Italian flag flying proudly in the wind. It was a pinch me moment.

Now the city itself I likened to Melbourne, but to the extreme. It’s busy, very busy with cars and pedestrians playing a constant game of chicken- just ask my friend Charlotte who I made run across a busy road so we could go into a Zara! The city is loud at all hours of the day and night and the people are vibrant.

What I found most fascinating about this enigma of a city was the interpolation of historical monuments with everyday life. As we ventured to the Trevi fountain, there were homes surrounding the sculpture. While we sat basking in the beauty of the Pantheon, apartments upon apartments filled the piazza with their everyday view being the ancient structure. The Colosseum, The Wedding Cake, they’re accompanied by billboards of H&M Advertisements and images of Kendall Jenner. It’s crazy!

Rome is a city that is meant to be walked, even when you’re feet are on the verge of breaking down on you. Every street taken brought with it a new musing and every corner took saw something like never before. Maybe it’s because of its vast difference to Australia, but it is something that can only be understood by being there.

Soaking up the music, the sights, the smells and the atmosphere, Rome may have been tiring, but not a day has gone by since which I haven’t thought about it. I think travel does that to you. It puts you under a spell where it will only be there for a while, then disappear like a dream.
It’s a disease.


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