How Year 12 Looks [So Far]

  1. Everyone is really bloody competitive
    A Competitive .gif

  2. Which leads to everyone being really mean to everyone
    A Mean gif.gif

  3. Which means everything is always blown out of proportion
    A Proportion.gif
  4. The thought of TAFE is becoming all too frequent in your mind
    A Tafe .gif

  5. And you’re very content with the prospect of a 65 atar
    A ATar .gif

  6. You’re constantly in a state of weighing the negatives with the positives, but the positives always seem to be lacking
    A Negatives.gif

  7. Yet, there are still some really great times
    A AThon.gif


  8. Sport is just not a thing anymore

  9. Neither is a job, really
    A Job.gif
  10. Anything under an A is just a kick in the guts because you tried really hard
    A A Grade.gif

  11. But anything under a C- just makes you laugh because you never comprehended doing that bad
    A C grade.gif

  12. You’re constantly laughing at middle school students who complain about too much homework

  13. Yet are also the grouchy seniors you hated who are annoyed at anything a 14 year old does
    A Seniors.gif

  14. You have a love hate relationship with assemblies because they get you out of a lesson 🙂 but also make you miss a lesson 😦
    A Assembly.gif

  15. You begin to appreciate the small things in life like a clean locker and a quiet library
    A Library.gif

  16. And, finally, you’ve started to hope that eye bags are the next big beauty trend. Because you’ve got that look down pat.
    A eye.gif

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