So It Goes…

When I first founded Zeinreich in January 2015, there was one aspect of blogging I wanted to avoid from becoming part of its content: the diary entry. I wanted to avoid this as I never wanted Zeinreich to become a digital version of what many teenagers before me scribbled in a hidden book under there beds detailing how the day went. The reason? My logic was something like  “Would anyone actually care what is happening in my life to the extent of reading about it online?” or “Maybe I should just stick to all fashion”. Yet as this year has progressed so has the prevalence of this style of writing appearing here. And yes, this is a rather long introduction to what will become simply another diary entry-style piece by a blogger.

I have often tried to distance my personal life from the bloggings I produce due to the nature of my life and how I am a naturally conservative person, until you get to know me long enough to let my guard down. Yet I have found more often than not that my readers respond greater to emotive and personal posts than that of “The new bag you need this week” or “Why Gucci is the brand of the season”, leading me to produce this and indulge in some more information than I normally would.

I am halfway through my senior year of high school and it has been an eventful year to put it lightly. It has been over 20 weeks of pumping out assignments, managing a blog, producing digital content for a magazine, working a part time job and still having a personal life. Somehow, I’ve faired better than most in maintaining this and, despite many asking me how I’m remaining sane, I actually don’t have an answer adequate to satisfy the curiosities. From these appeals, however, this post was born. Here is what I have learnt so far from the turbulent year had.

  1. It’s easier to get to the top than stay at the top
    Here’s the thing. Up until Year 12, I had never been a high achiever, and I still don’t really regard myself as one- maybe this stems from being your standard self deprecating Australian who deflects any compliments and affirmations that come her way. So this year, academically speaking, I’ve exceeded my expectations significantly. Yet, getting to the top, as the saying goes, is always easier than staying at the top. I’m sat here typing away after sitting my final mid-year exam paper and am on the verge of [possibly] receiving my best semester grades than ever before and still feel a sense of angst despite knowing I’ve achieved a similar feat before. Standing next to some of the standard high achievers is easily intimidating and even questions my sense of self awareness. But, so it goes. Just have to keep on plodding along and doing what works.
  2. It doesn’t need to be a crisis
    There’s a hype around this particular year of schooling that laments it to be a year of catastrophes. Don’t believe the hype.  A wise man once said that this year is only as bad as you let it become- that man is affectionately known as Herbie in the circles I frequent with. You don’t need to be a straight A student to survive year 12 swimmingly with no problems. In fact, everyone is going to face hurdles but these hurdles vary in complexity and their ability to cripple a person. If I had to do a rough estimate, 80% of the year are stressed to the limit, 15% stressed but handling it and 5% are content with their situation. Where do you fit?
  3. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know
    Here’s a hot tip: you’re going to get to know your teachers real fast and this can either be a good thing or a bad thing. You’re even going to become closer to teachers who aren’t your lesson teachers but are just all round great people who you love chatting to. If I have learnt one thing after reaching the half way mark, it’s that this relationship is often the most important. Everyone is there barracking for you, everyone wants you to do your best and exceed your own expectations. If you have brilliant teachers and a supportive group of friends on your side, then you’re already winning. I feel privileged to have found this.
  4. Get a life!
    DO NOT LET YOUR LIFE BE CONSUMED BY STUDYING! Actually, different point, who lets that happen to them anyway? Friends are the best resources to have in your corner during this year of schooling, made more apparent to me as this year has progressed. Go on spontaneous dinner dates and post-school snacks. Become a force so impenetrable that it feels like your group against the world. Which leads me to the next point…
  5. There will be drama
    It is unavoidable. This is definitely one aspect of being young that I will never miss. Why do people get kicks out of causing/fuelling drama? I set out in 2016 to avoid any of the pointless dramas that teenagers are faced with in their senior year. Despite my best efforts, this did not prevail in the final weeks of this semester, even though I made a conscious effort to not become swept up into the whirling of conspiracies and rumours. It happened, I moved on and I hope all other parties involved had as well. But it is just another part of this year that is unavoidable, like tying your hair up and being in afternoon homeroom. Life moves on and you learn to live with it.
  6. It’s ok to aim high
    When you aim high, it’s easy to become completely infatuated and enchanted with achieving perfection. I am guilty of this, as many know. I personally believe that it is an admirable quality to never accept anything less than perfection, it shows dedication to your medium. But never let it cloud you from seeing the brilliance in your work. (I hope Jack Newbury made it this far through this post, that last post is mainly aimed at him. And those of you out there who are like him. To the Jack Newburys of the world)

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