The TDF From The Southern Hemisphere

  1. You’re constantly tired
    AA Tired.gif
    You envy anyone living in Europe

  2. You’re living between Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere hours
    AA Hemisphere.gif
    It may be 9pmAU but it’s a sunny afternoon somewhere in France

  3. Most of your friends don’t understand why you put yourself through sleep deprivation for 3 weeks in July
    AA Friends.gif
  4. Sometimes, even you wonder why
    AA Why.gif
  5. You often reach a state where you wake up and can’t remember how you got into bed
    AA Bed.gif
    “I remember seeing the last 5KM of the stage, but then I blacked out”

  6. Regular eating hours have gone out the window
    AA Food.gif
    Biscuits at 12:13AM is totally normal

  7. Bags under the eyes are almost a staple accessory after 2 weeks of 5 hour sleeps
    AA Bags.gif

  8. You start to wonder why anyone thought brown lycra was a good idea for a World Tour team
    AA AG2R.gif
    AG2R La-what-the-hell

  9. And wonder if Peter Sagan is the Kanye of Slovakia
    AA Sagan.gif
    They love him. A lot.

  10. You think you’re a pro at speaking French
    AA French.gif
    “Sommet, Jaune, Tete de la Course”

  11. And you’ve probably mentally planned your trip to France for next July, knowing well and good you don’t have that kind of money
    AA Holiday.gif
  12. But deep down, you know you’re going to have serious withdrawals when it’s all over for another year
    AA Withdrawlas.gif

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