Trending: Romanticised Femininity

Frilled silhouettes, hyper florals, girly glamour and pastel colour palates are the central features of Spring/Summer 2016/17 and embrace a fresh take on victorian inspired garments. The hemlines might be shorter than the nineteenth century, but the colouring and the texturing channel the same aesthetic.

Intense brocading features heavily on full length coats and dresses and contrasting fabrics are texturised together in an infusion of garment creation. It conveys a laid back vibe of picnics in blossoming gardens and strolls through vineyard lined courtyards or stepping out of a Botticelli painting. Think Virgin Suicides, think Versailles.

Valentino, Chloé, Miu Miu and Delpozo all displayed elements of the ambiguous trend sweeping runways and showrooms globally and slowly being found in high street boutiques after trickling down into everyday streetwear. The addition of a creamy yellow or a dusty pink into wardrobes is expected this season, it’s just choosing the right garment that poses and overwhelming conundrum.

1 Chloe1 Delpozo1 Miu1 Zimmermann1 Valentino1 Balenciaga


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