7 or so to go!

  1. You’re slightly deflated and in denial that Dinner Dance has come and gone in a flash because it was hyped up so much
  2. And now there’s nothing on the horizon until formal
    A Formal.gif
  3. You are SICK to DEATH of people complaining about getting A’s instead of A+’s
    A grade complain.gif
  4. And are also SICK to DEATH of having to be in homeroom by 8:40

    A later start once a week wouldn’t hurt

  5. Aspiring doctors have reached a point where they’re content with only passing Chemistry and not getting a merit
    A Chem.gif
    “the chem group chat is basically suicidal thoughts and incorrect equations”
  6. Like aspiring engineers with Physics
    A Physics.gif
  7. And economists with Economics
    A Economics.gif
  8. The phrase ‘you wont care about you ATAR in five years’ is uttered 17 times a day
    A ATar.gif
  9. And when people ask you your grade and it’s below a B- shit gets awkward really fast
    A B grade.gif
    “that’s not even bad hehe XD !!!1!!11”
  10. You’ve forgotten what exercise actually isA Exercise.gif
  11. And have also forgotten what clear skin is
    A Skin.gif
    A Religion.gif
    Literally #lifesavers
  13. Almost everything is beginning to get on your nerves
    A Annoyed.gif
    “Wow, why is the school so dirty? Why isn’t The Bachelor on five times a week? WHY IS THERE SOMEONE SITTING AT OUR BENCH?!
  14. You say “I’ll get it done in my study lesson” and then get to the study lesson and say “I’ll get it done for homework”
    A Study.gif
  15. But really, the homework you will be doing is contemplating how draining your day was. And mentally preparing yourself for the next to come. The cycle continues.
    A Cycle.gif

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