Summer Reads

Warmer weather is just around the corner and Adelaide certainly got a dose of it today. With that, there’s no better a time to grab a book, perch yourself under a tree and find yourself lost in its content. Here are some perfect reads to get you through the summer.

1. The Vogue Factor- Kirstie Clements
Former editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia, Kirstie Clements takes readers inside the fashion industry and the inner workings of the publication. Readers engage with the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry, yet the tricker side also rears its head in a book made for fashion lovers.


2. Love Style Life- Garance Dore
An easy read that could be rightly placed as a coffee table book, Garance Dore takes readers back to her early life as a Parisian youth and how she eventually found her style. It takes you on a journey to New York from Corsica, via Paris and everywhere in between.

3. En brogue- Hannah Rochell
Hardly a lengthy read yet still sufficient enough to sate boredom, En Brogue is the perfect Sunday afternoon read to kill time and question whether you really are a heel girl or a flat girl.

4. Champagne Supernovas- Maureen Callahan
Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss and Alexander McQueen are an iconic trio at best and delving into the lives of these nineties renegades is certainly an enthralling read. Author Maureen Callahan leaves nothing to the imagination and paints imagery of a period in fashion where parties, runways and champagne ran rampant.


5. Grace- Grace Coddington
Grace Coddington is perhaps one of the most iconic faces in fashion, known for her fiery red hair and far-reaching personality. In her memoir, she speaks from her time as a youth in Wales to the floors of Vogue and her everlasting love for cats (including hand drawn pictures of her cats along the way).



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