Stella McCartney’s Uncanny Valley

Visual director Philippa Price and Stella McCartney have teamed up for Spring 2017 in the brands first #StellaBy series. Taking on both women’s and men’s collections, the industry creative brings her vision of futuristic surrealism to the Clown Motel in Nevada to inspire ‘a wacky and wonderful slant’ on the collections. 

“I did already have an idea of the makeup and hair looks I wanted beforehand, that was mostly based off of looking online at photos of the Clown Motel” Price told Stella “However, once I got there the whole story totally came together. The Clown Motel itself is incredibly weird and wonderful, however I didn’t know how inspiring the whole area around it would become”

Expect to see vibrant colouring paired with Stella McCartney chic, yet a unorthodox approach to that brand that adds the perfect amount of pizzazz.

See the magic of film here.


Images C/O Stella McCartney 


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