The Future is Female: AFLW

The conversation surrounding women in sport is often fiery and divisive of its audiences. Female athletes are strong, fierce and capture audiences when given a platform to do so. In 2017, the Australian Football League have championed females in football with the introduction of a national women’s competition turning the conversation to an inspiring celebration of the women of the game.

AFL is the largest sport in Australia, the national game of a country where football is the closest entity to a national religion. Friday nights during the winter are spent huddled around the television watching the magic of the game unfold before eyes. It’s a sport that, regardless of individual passion or enthusiasm for its existence, captures the audience from the first bounce.

The AFL Women’s league is an eight week competition consisting of four games per round between the eight teams fielded. The people have spoken with their feet through lock out crowds and snaking lines occurring in the first week of competition. There’s skill, speed and superstar athletes representing the women of the sport who, just 10 years ago, would never have dreamed of a national women’s game. The time has arrived and the future is female. Make sure you get down to a game this season.

Now, it truly is Australia’s game.

The AFLW competition runs until March 25. For more details visit


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