Lady Gaga lights up the Superbowl in Versace

It’s one of the biggest sporting events on the globe with the Superbowl drawing in a crowd of millions and a halftime show that never fails to deliver on style and panache. The sport becomes a secondary showing for half an hour in-between halves with the stage previously playing host to Coldplay, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and many more, with 2017 introducing the latest superstar to play the coveted spot: Lady Gaga.

Known for her outlandish glamour emulating the style of David Bowie and the glam-rock era of costumery, Gaga donned a sequin Versace leotard at the start of her 13 minute performance. Following costume changes included beaded shorts, bedazzled eye masks and knee high embellished boots. Gaga strutted her ensembles while performing hits including Born This Way, Poker Face and Bad Romance. Take a look at Gaga in all her glory at Superbowl 51 and the full event here.


Images C/O Getty & AP


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