So It Goes…

Zeinreich has brought a lot of communities together in the one place: fashion, lifestyle, sport and students. I have always written the content that I wanted to read and used the site to publish articles that I often never had a greater outlet for publicity. Yet, I believe I’ve reached a point where my work needs to be directed in an organised, well-informed site that isn’t a mish-mash of Gucci Loafers and Tour de France race recaps. For me, it makes sense that I’ve reached the end of a journey. This is my last post on Zeinreich.

Zeinreich began when I was 15, starting Year 11 and becoming incredibly driven and motivated to make it in the media industry. I wanted to write about anything and everything fashion related because, as a 15-year-old girl, that interested me more than anything. I have always loved accessorising and styling and I wanted everyone to know my opinionsand takes on this topic. I never wrote on Zeinreich with the intention of being read- which may sound odd as that’s generally the motivation for starting a blog. I’ll admit, I pictured being invited to events and being sent free things from brands (how unrealistic!) but it wasn’t why I did Zeinreich. I simply wanted to write what I wanted, when I wanted to write it.

This blog became more than a fashion blog in 2016. It became a space where I produced content that was relevant to the most loyal audience I ever held: High School students. You can write and write about why a $1,200 handbag is essential to your wardrobe but that only tends to appeal to a minor demographic. My personal, relatable ramblings centred around senior year and the struggles of school resonated in many networks and often took on a life of their own. I received overwhelming feedback from people I never interacted with about how sentences and experiences resonated with them, unrelenting ‘thank yous’ from others in the same shoes and even comments from my high school teachers who had been exposed to my work. This is what, for me, made Zeinreich worth doing. These pieces (A Letter to Year 11, 35 Signs You Graduated from CC, It’s Only an Hour) are some of my proudest pieces of work. They’re genuine, heartfelt accounts of advice that, even if only helpful to one person, meant something. One was even printed by the Head of Senior School at my high school and handed out to every student entering their senior year- the kind of praise you can’t commoditise.

For those who know me or follow me on social media, I am intent on becoming a cycling/sports journalist. Cycling is the sport I have grown up with, having had a Father who used to ride professionally. This is the sport that makes me smile more than any other, makes me cry of joy for people who I don’t even know and the only sport that I can recite stats like Bruce McAvaney can for AFL. If you want to see me at my happiest, come to the second stage of the Tour Down Under in Stirling and find me on the side of the road- I’m the girl with the ridiculous smile and the sense of euphoria oozing out of her shirt. It feels like the opening day of an Ashes test match 100 times over: the excitement, the anticipation and the happiness of it finally being here. That’ll all help you understand why Zeinreich is closing.

Zeinreich was starting to become a hybrid of something that wasn’t working. As much as I wanted to make it work, the audience who want to read about Victoria Beckham doesn’t want to also read about Geraint Thomas trying to win the Giro d’Italia. In fact, I think I might be the only person who loves fashion at equilibrium with cycling. I felt like I had to write fashion news stories because that’s what I started as and what I thought was my passion. Fashion is still something I enjoy and care deeply about and will continue to write professionally for various media outlets with my freelance and regular work. I didn’t want to write these stories on my own personal blog anymore, all I wanted to write about was cycling.

Please join me in welcoming Wheels Your Way, where you’ll find me writing everything I am passionate about with my own touch. This is something I believe will be more fluid to me. It is my ultimate passion, to cover the big races and the big rides while also still focusing on Adelaide and the local cycling culture. I want Wheels Your Way to be more of an open contribution from the public, too. I want to allow contributors to work with me and build a team of people who share the same passions. This, I believe, won’t feel like a chore- it’ll feel like a natural, perfect fit. You’ll find my fashion and lifestyle work at CLIQUE Mag and The Adelaidian and the Zeinreich Instagram will soon transition into the Wheels Your Way account.

If I’m to close Zeinreich with one final paragraph, I think a well-deserved thank you needs to go to YOU! My readers (I’m assuming there are some out there), you joined me here for the first time on January 1st 2015 and it has been a wonderful journey. Thank you for sharing, instagraming, messaging and reading my work and always telling me what you wanted more of. A BIG special thank you to a few people:

  • Faith, who helped me choose the initial name of Zeinreich- Elysian Blog- and also encouraged me to start a blog. Check her out at Gig Girl Adelaide.
  • Every single year 12 of the class of 2016 at CC, for sharing the pain of senior year with me right here on this site.
  • CLIQUE Mag, for noticing my work and taking a 16-year-old into the media industry.

And, finally, to a journalist from within the cycling industry who shall remain nameless, who when I asked how to break into the cycling industry said, “just jump the barriers and fucking go for it!”
I’m going for it.

Thank you for reading and please join the ride at WYW.


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