Sumer Lust List

Summer. It might be the only time a year where we let the truly feminine vibes take over my wardrobe for a few months and rid ourselves of typical navy, black and grey colour palates- even though they still make some prevalent appearances throughout the warmer months. Being one who favours the cooler months much more than the warm, summer can be fraught with contention and a daily battle of “what to wear” when we wake up, and we’re 100% guilty as charged.

With the sunnier days, longer nights and friendlier weather for socialising comes a whole new dynamic of colours, textures and trends to contend with. No fuss, no dramas, dresses, playsuits and shorts are the go-to for any day above 25 degrees. In the digital age of everyone sharing their wardrobes on the go, our wish list has certainly grown over the last few years and we’re definitely lusting over a few items that we might not be able to attain as fast as we can.

Here are our items that we’ve added to our long-term purchase list for the summer.

  1. The Fold Swimwear The One $230
  2. Zimmermann Painted Heart Midi Dress $1,100
  3. Chloé Lauren Sandal $448
  4. Wai Wai Woven Ratten Bag $794
  5. Gucci Cat Eye Sunglasses $1,598.53
  6. Natasha Schweitzer Gold Plated Hoops $560
    Header Image C/O Pinterest 

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