The 90s Sitcom programming to binge on now

Sometimes, you just need to kick back with an easy going, feel good television show to relax in an evening after work, the day after a night out or simply to occupy an empty timeslot in your life. With the wonders of Netflix, Stan, Hula and so much more these days, often the abundance of showing available can become overwhelming and we become stuck in a rut of consuming the same old, same old programming.

Lucky for us, there’s plenty of viewing from what some call the decade of the sitcom- the 90s- that easily pleases almost any television viewer for hour upon hour. Think the classic comedy that goes down a treat at any time of the day. There’s a handful that always do a tick and we’ve picked our favourites to add to your viewing list.

  1. Seinfeld
    The show about nothing actually is a show about a lot of things. Sit around Monks Café with George, Elaine, Kramer and Jerry for a 30-minute pit stop of Botticelli shoes, contests and shrimp.
  2. Will & Grace
    The first show to feature openly gay characters on television, Will & Grace is a must have on any sitcom list. Whether you’re envious of the huge apartment the pair share or the opulent spending of Karen, there’s something for everyone in this New York-based sitcom.
  3. Frasier
    You either love Frasier or you hate it and we’re here to say that it is definitely one that should be watched! Two Doctor brothers oddly close to one another living out squrimish sequences of events? It writes itself.
  4. Friends
    It’s a classic and needs to introduction. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s time to binge it all in one night.
  5. Becker
    Ted Danson plays a slightly neurotic doctor that bears hardly any people skills that a practitioner generally needs. His friends include a blind newspaper vendor, a sex fiend, the local diner owner and the two employees in his office. Just imagine what this combination can get up to in under an hour.
    Header Image C/O Odyssey 

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