Photo Diary: Santos Tour Down Under 2018

Twenty years. Twenty glorious years of whizzing wheels, sweltering temperatures and thousands of spectators brining a vibrancy and energy to south Australia that only occurs for one week in January each year. If you were to surmise the Santos Tour Down Under in a few words, those would be the ones I’d run with. It’s an event like no other, and certainly a race like no other, that has firmly marked its position as an integral opening to the World Tour calendar each season.

In its twentieth anniversary edition, you couldn’t have asked for a more exciting, impetuous and entrancing race than the one provided. A change in the ochre jersey leader for 4/6 stages, a world champion win and an outsider taking the overall made for a fairy tale running of Australia’s greatest cycling race. Take a bow, Mike Turtur, you have certainly created some magic in this state again n 2018.

We were lucky enough to get out to all but one of the stages of the race and captured some of the fantastic displays along the way. From 45-degree heat to headwinds on Willunga Hill, the 2018 Santos Tour Down Under will be one to remember for the ages.



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