How’s Uni?

So, you’re in year 12 and you’re thinking about going to university. You’re probably being spoken to about university from every institution under the sun about how great they are and why they are the one for you. They’re telling you about stellar graduate attributes, the pathways to get into Medicine, why their campuses are the bees knees and how year 12 isn’t the be all and end all of … Continue reading How’s Uni?

Summer To-Do: Moonlight Cinema Adelaide

Is there a more picturesque setting for an outdoor cinema than the parklands surrounding the Botanic Gardens and The Adelaide Zoo? You would certainly have your work cut out for you trying to find somewhere else. That is why the Moonlight Cinemas Adelaide is the perfect place to see all those summer flicks under golden sunsets and the fluttering of birds above. Now becoming a … Continue reading Summer To-Do: Moonlight Cinema Adelaide

35 Signs You Graduated from CC

Only you will understand what an Athon is You know that you better bloody tie your hair up Literally just tie your hair up, it’s not that big a deal and not an attack on your identity. You quickly learn in assemblies that you can ‘swallow your gum’ because ‘it’s easy if you try’ Probably the first (and only) piece of advice Mr Hay ever gave … Continue reading 35 Signs You Graduated from CC

A Letter to Year 11.

Your subjects are picked, you’re [almost] at the top and you’re probably a little contemplative about what the future will hold. You’re hearing everyday that ‘if you’re not completing three hours of study a night you won’t pass year 12’ or ‘if you have a job in year 12 you won’t have a social life’ or even ‘year 12 will result in you becoming a … Continue reading A Letter to Year 11.

Spotlight On: FK + SITG

Hindsight. A gift to some and a curse to many. Yet, there’s a definite benefit to looking back on prior experiences and building from them: do it better or not at all. Splendour in The Grass (SITG) is one of the premier events on the Australian musical and social calendar annually and evokes the sensation of wanderlust if you’re not lucky enough to be road … Continue reading Spotlight On: FK + SITG