Australia Shines at Track World Championships 2017

Australia successfully buried the demons of the Rio Olympics over the last five days with a dominant display at the 2017 Track World Championships in Hong Kong. Arriving with a new kit, fresh young talent and an incoming High Performance Director, an aura of determination exuded from the green and gold contingent with athletes from across the nation. Beginning the championship momentum was the pairing … Continue reading Australia Shines at Track World Championships 2017

Bye, Bye Boonen at Paris Roubaix

Paris Roubaix 2017 can be surmised in one word: aggressive. We can definitely add a few more in (explosive, exciting, energetic) but aggressive is the most apt a choice for describing the 115th edition of the spring classic, a favourite amongst many dedicated cycling fans and riders themselves. A tactical race from the starting line, it saw the fortunes of many pre-race picks dramatically change … Continue reading Bye, Bye Boonen at Paris Roubaix

Track Nats: Day 1

The Anna Meares Velodrome was officially christened last night with the first of four days of Track Nationals commencing for 2017. National records tumbled and new champions were crowned, with many athletes and institites undergoing a coming of age into a new era of cycling in Australia. With the velodromes namesake no longer a racing cyclist, the Women’s Team Sprint was the first in as … Continue reading Track Nats: Day 1

The Dual Dilemma

If I told you Malcolm Turnbull AND Barnaby Joyce were running for Prime Minister together at the next election, completely equal and equally backed by their party, how would you feel? What if I said Andrew Dimitriou wanted to give AFL CEO another go, so he and Gill McLachlan lead the league together in equilibrium? Please, let me guess your initial thoughts: confusion, uncertainty, a … Continue reading The Dual Dilemma

The Future is Female: AFLW

The conversation surrounding women in sport is often fiery and divisive of its audiences. Female athletes are strong, fierce and capture audiences when given a platform to do so. In 2017, the Australian Football League have championed females in football with the introduction of a national women’s competition turning the conversation to an inspiring celebration of the women of the game. AFL is the largest … Continue reading The Future is Female: AFLW

Howson domestiques his way to victory

Falls Creek became Orica-Scott country late afternoon when the herald sun tour rolled into town and Damien Howson raced his way to victory. Typically the hard working domestique of the team, assisting with GC ambitions at the Giro and La Vuelta, Howson was the shining star of the team after attacking the skimmed peloton halfway up the 30km climb. Β  Howson was joined by Kenny … Continue reading Howson domestiques his way to victory