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cliqueheader.pngCLIQUE is Adelaide’s fashion, beauty and culture hub showcasing fashion news, latest collections, events, beauty, health and industry news.” With a primarily South Australian focus whilst still covering international fashion and beauty news, CLIQUE has been a staple in the SA media industry for over four years with a history dating back to Attitude Magazine stemming from the early 2000’s. Author Archives:

The A-Z Files is onazfilesheader.pnge of the newest online magazines in South Australia that covers international fashion, modelling and South Australian designers and creatives. The A-Z Files plays host to the A-Z Files Fashion Awards, where local designers showcase their talent and have the chance to be mentored by the site editor which has further strengthened their influence in the industry.  


The Adelaidian blog tends to cover a touch of everything from fashion runway shows and restaurant launches to theatre, film and product reviews. The Adelaidian has been on the Australian fashion and events scene for a little while now and have been able to collaborate with some amazing people and brands.” The blog is now based out of London having built a strong following in Australia and accepted submissions from freelance writers. Author Archives:

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